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Dear Brothers and Sisters Download Heal the Hood membership form >>

We finally have the membership forms ready. Our main objective with this project is to create a network that helps distrubte locally produced artworks and thus generate an income for interested youth. Nowadays 90% of the music marketed in the media is the same in every country and city around the world. We have decided to create a network that counters this. By distributing products while at the same time generate an income for artists as well as communities in which they live. The 5 major record labels in the world make millions and own the media, thus distorting what we listen to. We want to hear what is happening in the rest of the world. We want to have friends in all countries and thus increase our human family. In this way we hope to see people react with more feeling, when war is declared on our friends. Maybe we will react more swiftly when our friends are dying from AIDS or a Tsunami or some disaster.

Here is how we intend to do this

We are intending to have 5 000 members in the next 3 years. Members are asked to sell locally produced CDs and DVDs. They are asked to sell 15 CDs for SEK75 each or 8 locally produced DVDs for SEK150 each. This money is forwarded to the Heal the Hood Account or HTH Area leader. This will give the member a 3 year membership. In this manner we will sell 75 000 locally produced CDs or 40 000 DVDs. The members get a membership card that gives them 20% discount at all HTH events and they can earn an income from selling products that are created by HTH. We will also distribute their products as we are currently distributing products created by members. Another major plan is that we are selecting HTH members to travel to other countries to learn new skills (like video production, DTP, music production, music stadio set-up, publishing, etc) that they have to pass on to others in their community. All members will also receive information about the entertainment industry and contacts to other members in towns throughout the world on request.

Other projects that HTH will establish in the next 3 years are:

1. Recording and distribution of HTH members CDs
2. Documentation of HTH members stories in the form video and film
3. Publishing of HTH members stories, i.e. books, mags, web
4. Publishing of a bi-annual Hip Hop and Youth magazine

Written by administrator
Monday, 08 November 2010 10:37

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